Infinitum Coin is a new Cryptocurrency designed to merge the virtual with the physical world. Our project consists of five separate goals:

Physical Coin Minting
Mint a proof quality pure silver coin which will be launching at the time of the Initial coin offering (ICO) token sale, the physical coin can double as a secure wallet containing One Thousand Infinitum coins.
Build Crypto Currency
Build a lightning fast secure cryptocurrency, including infrastructure for debit cards, crypto exchanges and merchant services.
Debit Card
A cryptocurrency debit card linked to a multi-currency mobile app which will allow super-fast exchange of cryptocurrencies into FIAT currency such as Dollar, Pound, Yen, Euro and many more.
Simultaneously with the debit card launch we plan to have infinitum coin on cryptocurrency exchanges to be traded in the open market.
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Merchant Gateway
Merchant Gateway Services allowing the purchase of goods and services directly with Infinitum coin designed for retail and online buying.
What is in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Token Sale

The sale of 8 Billion tokens. We want Infinitum coin to be the next major crypto currency for this to happen there needs to be a large supply of coins.

Tokens will be allocated to the customers account and converted into Infinitum coin digital currency after the ICO. At this point customer can transfer the coins to their private wallets and trade the coins.

Physical solid silver coin. We have already minted a beautiful physical Infinitum coin, this coin will be available during the ICO and will be sent out within two days of placing your order. The physical coin is made using one troy ounce of pure silver and minted to a deep relief the coin can also act as a cold wallet and store 1000 Infinitum coins. The physical coins will be sent out using FedEx including free worldwide delivery.

Our project is to launch and seed a new crypto currency simultaneously giving said currency a respectable market value. We need the value of the currency to encourage retail merchants and online shops to use our merchant apis and start accepting Infinitum coin.

A debit card along with mobile apps will allow users to convert digital currencies into FIAT currency such as USD, EUR and GBP on the go.

Listing on the crypto exchanges is an important part of the project and will allow the coin to be freely traded. As Infinitum Coin is not a security, each digital coin is its own market value. As the owner of the coin, you are free to trade it just like Bitcoin, Litecoin and other pure digital currencies.

ICO pricing starts at $0.10 per token and goes up to $1.50 by the end of the ICO. There is a more details price timeline along with key dates below.

ICO is Live Buy Now

Infinitum Coin ICO Timeline Infinitum Coin ICO Timeline

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Enter amount of BTC     With the entered amount of BTC you can get:

Physical 1oz Pure Silver Infinitum coin, each coin includes 1,000 Infinitum tokens

Infinitum Tokens
You may also mix and match physical coins and infinitum tokens.

Why Infinitum Coin
Since 2015 Infinitum has been minting physical bitcoins, thousands of customers all over the world enjoy the tangible feel and prestige of holding a physical bitcoin. We are now ready to take the next step and launch our cryptocurrency along with a new series of physical coins.
Sir Isaac Newton Physical Pure Silver Infinitum Coin Minting in November 2017
Sir Isaac Newton Infinitum Coin Particulars
Diameter: 40mm / 4cm

Width: 3mm /0.3cm

Weight: 1 Troy Oz / 31.1034 Grams

Coin housed in a modern presentation case, allowing unobstructed views of both sides.

Funded with 1 Thousand Infinitum coins

Interference resistant hologram view

Free international worldwide delivery

The Ingenium series of luxury physical Infinitum Coins expands with the addition of the Sir Isaac Newton limited edition coin. This coin is funded with digital Infinitum coins. The one troy ounce coin is minted to proof quality.

Limited Editions
We have a proven track record of minting physical coins with elevated levels of security. We have solid agreements with logistics companies and precious metal foundries. We are an established business and have been in cryptocurrency business since 2015.

Infinitum Coin Details
Currency Name Infinitum coin
Total Supply 10 Billion
ICO supply 8 Billion
Investors and Board holding 2 Billion
Price per Infinitum coin during ICO 0.10$
Price of Infinitum coin after ICO 1.50$
Physical Infinitum Coin Specs 1oz Pure Silver including 1,000 Infinitum Coin
Physical Infinitum Coin $220 at start of the ICO

$1,670 After ICO

Free international shipping by FedEx will commence same week as ICO

Token Distribution
There will be 10 Billion Infinitum coins mined the company will retain 20% for future developments and 80% will be made available for the ICO token sale.
20% Investors and Board Members | 80 % ICO
Whitepaper or Lightpaper
To find out more details about our project please download the whitepaper or if you prefer a quick summary or key facts we also have a lightpaper.