About Us


Founded in 2015 Infinitum had a vision to merge the digital world with the physical world. Our range of physical bitcoins have been collected since their launch in 2015 and have seen generous increases in their resale value. 

As we expand our horizons we look to a new world where the old is replaced with the new and as such we launched our digital currency infinitum coin. Combining the digital currency with a new physical silver coin allows buyers to have a tangible product alongside a digital one. 

From the makers of the world’s most beautiful physical bitcoins comes a digital currency and a new range of pure silver physical coins. Moving forward we will be launching a debit card and listing infinitum coin on cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Looking in to the future we intend to build retail and online merchant services with easy to understand systems and integration with leading point of sale software providers thus allowing purchases directly with infinitum coin. Infinitum Coin is a digital currency running on the blockchain which provides high security and transparency.