Sir Isaac Newton Phyisical Infinitum Coin

The Ingenium series of luxury physical coins from expands with the addition of the Sir Isaac Newton physical coin. Unlike its predecessors this coin comes with an allocation of One Thousand Infinitum Coins, a new digital currency.

Collectors and cryptocurrency enthusiast from all over the world can now obtain a beautifully crafted physical coin alongside a complementing digital currency. Be it a gift for a loved one, an investor seeking to gain in the resale markets, to those who are new in the world of digital currency. No matter where you may reside, possessing this unique coin, such a meticulous high quality physical coin will simultaneously satisfy and drive your craving. 

The Sir Isaac Newton edition Infinitum Physical Coin is the perfect gift for an individual who appreciates fine detail and exclusive luxury, with a limited production run ending just after the ICO period in Mark 2018. 

The Sir Isaac Newton edition Infinitum Physical Coin is the fifth coin in the Ingenium series from Infinitum it comes with an allocation of virtual currency, the purchaser can simply generate a 3D barcodes which will be placed on the reserve of the coin, the Ingenium bitcoin comes complete with three interference resistant hologram sticker positioned on the reverse of coin concealing the private key within. Peal of the security hologram to retrieve the Public key and access the digital vault.

Self implementation:

A Hologram sticker with a small transparent window is provided permitting the purchaser to generate and print out their own public address and private key then apply to the reverse side of the Ingenium Coin, using the hologram sticker to keep the key hidden.

About the Coins Design

Sir Isaac Newton physical Infinitum Coin follow the design style from the Ingenium Series. The obverse (front) of the coins has a heavy carving gives almost sculpture likeness to a portrait of Sir Isaac Newton. The coin sets Sir Isaac Newton front and centre, deep embossed text reads ‘One Thousand - One Troy Oz Fine Silver’ around the perimeter of the coin, In a smaller font it reads Isaac Newton 1643 – 1727’ adjacent to his portrait.

The reverse of the coin reads ‘Ingenium 2017’ then followed by a quote “Law III : To every action there is always opposed an equal reaction”. The Infinitum Logo sits proudly on the centre of the coin, along with micro text repeating the word ‘Infinitum’ across the centre of the coin. Additional text ‘One Thousand’ is just left of centre and finally the name ‘Isaac Newton’ brings it home.

Sir Isaac Newton Physical Pure Silver Infinitum Coin Minting in November 2017

Diameter: 40mm / 4cm

Width: 3mm /0.3cm

Weight: 1 Troy Oz / 31.1034 Grams

Coin housed in a modern presentation case, allowing unobstructed views of both sides.

Funded with 1 Thousand Infinitum coins

Interference resistant hologram view

Free international worldwide delivery



The Ingenium series of luxury physical Infinitum Coins expands with the addition of the Sir Isaac Newton limited edition coin. This coin is funded with digital Infinitum coins. The one troy ounce coin is minted to proof quality.

Physical Infinitum Coin Specs 1oz Pure Silver including 1,000 Infinitum Coin
Physical Infinitum Coin $220 at start of the ICO

$1,670 After ICO

Free international shipping by FedEx will commence same week as ICO