What are Infinitum tokens? 

Infinitum tokens are allocated to customers during the ICO token sale. Each token will then be converted into an Infinitum coin after the ICO token sale. One token is equivalent to one coin. What are Infinitum coins? Infinitum Coins are a digital currency based on blockchain technology, the infinitum coins will be transferable and will be transferred to your private wallets when the ICO has ended. 

When will I get my Infinitum coins? 

After the ICO period has concluded we will mine the number of Infinitum coins required and allocate them to customers.

What are physical Infinitum coins?

Physical Infinitum coins are made using 1oz of pure silver and minted to proof quality, on the front of the coin there will the text ‘One Thousand’ this will allow you to store 1,000 Infinitum coins onto each physical coin.

How to I attach 1,000 Infinitum coins to a Physical coin?

The physical coins package will contain three interference resistance hologram stickers. 
Once the Infinitum Coins have been transferred to your account you can print a Public address and Private key using a utility which will be provided in your account page. 
Simply place the private and public keys on the back of the coin and secure them in place using the hologram sticker. The pubic address will be visible through the transparent window on the sticker.

Do I get three hologram stickers for each coin?

Yes, we give you extra just in case. 

When will the Physical Coins be sent out?

The physical coins will be sent out a few days after your token purchase, we will be producing coins in advance of the ICO and holding the stock ready for customers.

How many Physical coins will there be?

At this time we have not set a limit, however we may limit production after the ICO token sale. 

How many Physical Coins can I purchase?

During the ICO token sale there is no limit set, you can by as many as you like. After the ICO token sale we may restrict supply.

Why should I participate in the ICO Token Sale?

During the ICO token sale we are giving customers a huge discount the price of the token will start at $0.10 and will eventually find its way to $1.50 by the end of the ICO.  Getting in early is they way to get the highest discount.

What Cryptocurrencies do you accept?

We will be accepting Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple, Litecoin and Dash.

What will be the price of the Infinitum coins after the ICO period?

The price will be Fifteen times more then the original $0.10 it will be $1.50 after the ICO.

How many Infinitum Coins will there be?

10 Billion maximum, 8 Billion will be in the ICO token sale and 2 Billion will remain with the board of directors.